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Month: September 2017

Managing Tourette; The Family’s Response Can Be Critical

By Tanya Sockol   Potholes in the Road The mother of Thomas, 9, was mortified as he threw himself to the floor of the holiday shop, kicking and screaming. There were bright-colored lights in every nook and cranny,… Read More

An Introduction to Comorbid OCD; Intrusive Thoughts

Tanya Sockol Most of us have an excellent understanding of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) when it stands alone; we recognize the frequent hand washing, the placing of items all in a perfect row, the emphasis on evenness and… Read More

One Family’s Journey to Finding Hope & Support For Tourette Syndrome

– Elain Smith Beginnings February 6th marked the commencement of Children’s Mental Health Week. With that in mind, I found myself spending the past few weeks thinking back on my family’s story, on our journey to a Tourette… Read More