A Tourette Syndrome Parent Observation Worksheet and Check Off List to Help Prepare for your Doctor Visit

By Susan Conners, M. Ed

When a parent is faced with the daunting task of taking their child to the doctor for an evaluation/diagnosis of Tourette Syndrome (TS), they often feel inadequate when it comes time to discuss what symptoms and behaviors they have been observing that might relate to Tourette.  They also may know very little about Tourette, especially the associated disorders that frequently accompany the syndrome.

Tourette Syndrome is now commonly referred to as a neurodevelopmental spectrum disorder.  In other words, Tourette is much more than just the tics.  While the tics are necessary for a diagnosis, they are often just the tip of the iceberg.

The Tourette Alliance has created an observation worksheet and checklist for parents to fill out prior to an appointment to help in preparation for the visit. Encompassing motor and vocal tics as well as all of the associated disorders, this checklist will aid in maximizing the time spent with the child’s doctor.

Download the Checklist at the link below:

Parent Checklist

For more information on Tourette Syndrome, Tic Disorders and their Associated Conditions please contact the Tourette Alliance at info@TouretteAlliance.org

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