The Tourette Alliance relies on Volunteers to assist us with our mission. Find a volunteer opportunity that works for you and help make a difference in your community!


Even a few moments here and there can help aid in supporting those with Tourette Syndrome/Chronic Tic Disorders and their Associated Conditions. From help with awareness campaigns to acting as an Advisor for our Organisation, the Tourette Alliance offers plenty of opportunities for those who are looking to ways to volunteer in their community.


The Tourette Alliance is looking for participants to take part in the Marathon, Team Relay or Fun Run at the 2019 Deep Riverrock Belfast City Marathon on Sunday May 5th. Your participation will help raise awareness of Tourette Syndrome and contributions generated by those who enter will bring in funds for much needed outreach and awareness programs…programs which change lives for the better in your community!



We are currently looking for support for graphic design needs and IT support personnel to help with upcoming projects and events. If you’re the person we’re looking for reach out to us at


The Tourette Alliance is continuing its mission to provide support island wide via local Support Groups and other local events such as Coffee Meetups and Activities (a list of these can be found here: ) which provide for sharing of common experiences, comfort, encouragement and advice.

If you’re interested in hosting a Support Group or helping to coordinate a meeting please reach out to us at


Tourette Syndrome is a very complex neurological spectrum disorder which often negatively impacts student achievement. Even more damaging for young people is the issue of bullying and the ongoing social stigma that can come with having Tourette Syndrome/Chronic Tics.  It can impact their self-esteem, their ability to have friends, their ability to socialize and carry on the normal quality of life that we all take for granted.

The Tourette Alliance Youth Representative Program gives young adults aged 12-22 who are diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorders (and even those who aren’t!) the opportunity to help thousands of children and young people just like them–all while building inner strength, communication skills, leadership techniques and making lasting friendships with others who have an understanding of what they’re going through.

The Peer Presentation, delivered by the Tourette Alliance Youth Representatives, can be given to groups of children of any age as well as clubs, service groups and gatherings.

To apply for the Youth Representative Program, request further information or to schedule a Peer Presentation please contact the Tourette Alliance at


The Tourette Alliance offers Awareness Presentations for Educators, Clinicians, Clubs, Service Groups, Government and Civic networks and more! Training to give these presentations can be done remotely and the presentations scheduled around your availability.

To apply for training or to schedule a Presentation please contact the Tourette Alliance at


The Tourette Alliance is always in need of volunteers to help with strategic goals such as Fundraising, Awareness, Outreach and more. From making phone calls, to connecting with others and assisting with events there are a myriad of opportunities that can fit your availability.

For more information please contact the Tourette Alliance at